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Power Fence Protection

Whatever your perimeter security requirements, Gallagher Security has a perimeter security solution to suit your needs. Gallagher Security Power Fence systems are custom-built solutions. These power fence protection systems are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of high-risk security installations and prisons.

The technology used in the high-end Gallagher Security Power Fence systems facilities integration into other building management system such as access control or CCTV.

The power fence systems are also widely installed on commercial sites where an active system to effectively detect and deter intruders, without nuisance alarms, is required. These power fence systems can also be integrated with security monitoring equipment. Gallagher Security supplies all the components needed to build your solutions including controllers to power and monitor your Power Security Fence system, wire, fence posts, tools and accessories. All of our components have gone undergone rigorous testing and meet numerous national and international standards.

As there are often varying requirements, we offere a wide range of Gallagher Security Fence Controllers to meet your requirements for functionality and scalability.

The Gallagher Security Walltop fence is a cost-effective, flexible, slimline solution for walls, roofs and fences. Distributed through security equipment wholesalers, the power fence systems is fast and simple to install and requires no special tools. Like all Gallagher Security systems, the Walltop Power Fence is effective, providing an active deterrent to any would-be intruder.

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